A Film By Juliet Landau

"Juliet Landau is an exceptional talent! I entrusted Juliet to make a documentary film about me and I am thrilled with the results! TAKE FLIGHT is a special film that shows me in a very different light. I will work with Juliet again without hesitation."

-Gary Oldman           

TAKE FLIGHT, Directed by Juliet Landau

Gary Oldman directed a music video for the Jewish Hip Hop band Chutzpah. The video was shot on cell phones. What started out solely as a behind the scenes 'making of,' turned into a film about Gary's creative process. Much of the film is told from Gary's POV as he operates one of the 'cell-cams.' We are inside his brain, if you will, seeing the genesis of his ideas and then his precision in carrying them out. Watching Gary work in this way truly celebrates the spirit of Independent, no-budget filmmaking, where innovation and talent reign. Ultimately achieving a seamless creative flow, his playful, childlike freedom of expression and exploration take flight.

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Juliet Landau

Juliet Landau, Director

Juliet Landau was born in Los Angeles, California in 1972. She was a professional ballerina. She studied extensively with the late SUSAN PERETZ and is a member of the Actors Studio. This year, Juliet delved into the world of directing with TAKE FLIGHT. It has been an incredible journey. Juliet co-starred in TIM BURTON'S ED WOOD as Loretta King and starred opposite WHOOPI GOLDBERG in New Line Cinema's THEODORE REX. She created the role of Drusilla on BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, appearing on BUFFY and spin-off show ANGEL over the course of six seasons. Steve Vineberg of THE NEW YORK TIMES hailed 'The wildly gifted Juliet Landau plays Drusilla like an acid-addled cross between Ophelia and Cassandra.' Lead roles in Independents include: the soon to be released THE YELLOW WALLPAPER, DARKNESS VISIBLE, HACK, TOOLBOX MURDERS, REPOSSESSED, CARLO'S WAKE, LIFE AMONG THE CANNIBALS, RAVAGER, DIRECT HIT, CITIZENS and a co-starring turn in HENRY JAGLOM'S GOING SHOPPING. TV guest appearances include: MILLENNIUM, LA FEMME NIKITA, STRONG MEDICINE and a starring role in the Lifetime movie REUNION. She just completed a project for HBO directed by JAKE SCOTT. She has lent her voice to various characters on the popular animated series' JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED and BEN 10 as well as the GREEN LANTERN film. Juliet has received outstanding reviews for her work in the theater each time out. These much-acclaimed lead roles include: AWAKE AND SING! at The Pittsburgh Public Theater, the world premiere of FAILURE OF NERVE, UNCOMMON WOMEN AND OTHERS, THE PUSHCART PEDDLERS, BILLY IRISH, WE'RE TALKING TODAY HERE, the musical HOW TO STEAL AN ELECTION, the West Coast premiere of IRISH COFFEE and the world premiere of MURRAY SHISGAL'S musical THE SONGS OF WAR. She just worked on a reading of THE THREE SISTERS that AL PACINO put together at the Actors Studio. She has written the short film, 'IT'S RAINING CATS AND CATS,' and adapted ANDREW PRINE'S play 'CISSY' into a short as well. She is raising funds for these projects via her website, (julietlandau.com) as fellow BUFFY alum AMBER BENSON did to make her two feature films. She will helm the projects this year.

Deverill Weekes

Deverill Weekes, Cinematographer

For years as a stills photographer Deverill Weekes has shot news, fashion and celebrity profiles. His photos have graced the covers and inside pages of international and national magazines. Since transitioning to his true love, cinematography, Deverill has collaborated multiple times with GARY OLDMAN. He was the Director of Photography for Mr. Oldman's music videos HEAVEN IN YOUR EYES and RED ROVER. He shot ALL WE ARE SAYING, ROSANNA ARQUETTE'S documentary, which includes interviews with STING, SIR ELTON JOHN, TOM PETTY, PETER GABRIEL, PATTI SMITH, JONI MITCHELL, THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, TOM YORKE, YOKO ONO, among others. Deverill recently shot an Untitled pilot for NBC. His other documentary films include: INSPIRED BY featuring MR. OLDMAN, JOHN CARPENTER, MALCOLM MCDOWELL and JULIET LANDAU, PORT TOWN, SUPER CLASSICO and a yet to be titled war documentary. Short Films include: EULOGY, LIVING ON A PRAYER, FUNERAL PARTY and WAITING. He has lensed many commercials, which include the Hard Rock Hotel and NBC/Telemundo.

  • TAKE FLIGHT is Juliet Landau's directorial debut.
  • Gary Oldman directed a music video for the Jewish Hip Hop band Chutzpah. The video was shot on cell-phones. What started out solely as a behind the scenes ' making of' bloomed into a film about Gary creative process.
  • 50 hours of footage, which included the 3 cameramen Juliet oversaw as well as all the cell phone footage, was condensed into the 25-minute film, which includes the music video at the end.
  • It was a 3-day shoot.
  • Gary operated one of the 'cell-cams.' Much of the film is told from his POV. We are inside his brain, if you will, seeing the genesis of his ideas and then his precision in carrying them out.
  • Juliet sat side by side with her editor for months cutting the movie. She had a very specific vision for the film.
  • The music video has many cuts. Juliet wanted to use longer more expansive sequences of Gary's framing for the film. The film's progression is crafted; first getting glimpses, then the pieces build in length and ultimately the audience is released completely inside Gary's view.
  • Juliet found the music for the film. The classical music represents Gary's internal creative world and the Hip Hop music of Chutzpah represents the outer world.
  • Juliet had an incredible team working with her to bring her vision to fruition. Cinematographer Deverill Weekes lit and shot the RED ROVER music video alongside Gary, operating the additional 'cell-cam.' Pembrooke Andrews, 2-time Emmy award winning sound editor for the television series 24, not only edited the sound, but produced and shot a lot of the footage. Danny Rothenberg, Ron Tammariello and Becky Sapp shot TAKE FLIGHT as well. Ingela Ogard worked tirelessly with Juliet editing the movie. Jon Vasquez produced, was digital compositor and was the much-needed inexhaustible technical advisor. Jeremy Alter, producer of David Lynch's INLAND EMPIRE and Director of THE PERFECT SLEEP, produced. NEW YORKER cartoonist, William Haefeli hand wrote the title cards and credit sequence. Larry Benjamin, premier re-recording mixer, mixed the sound. FotoKem did the color-correction.

Red Rover Director and cell cam
Lighting and additional cell cam
     Master Tav
     MC Meshugenah
Take Flight Cinematographers
Sound Editor
Sound Design
Re-Recording Mixer

Technical Advisor
Video Gals
Locations Manager
Credit Sequence
Digital Compositing
Color Correction
Telecine Colorist
Thank You:
    Jon Vasquez
    Roy Finch
    Ron Tammariello
    Mike Brodersen ' FotoKem

TAKE FLIGHT is dedicated to Susan Peretz.

Juliet Landau
Gary Oldman
Deverill Weekes
Ingela Ogard
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David Scharff
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Juliet Landau
Jon Vasquez
Pembrooke Andrews
Jeremy Alter
Pembrooke Andrews
Danny Rothenberg
Ron Tammariello
Becky Sapp
Pembrooke Andrews
Juliet Landau
Ingela Ogard
Pembrooke Andrews
Larry Benjamin
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Jon Vasquez
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